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Excellent and reckless silliness by every trick in the book, pared with genius works.




"What have you expected?", your lips were torn apart by the taste of tears, your cheeks were puffed and red.

"That it would hurt less."

My backpack weighed a ton of hurtful things and memories while your smile was a gravity I couldn't deny. We were standing at this old train station, one of my hands formed a fist, in the other hand I hold on to an one-way non-refundable ticket back to the past and all its funny times.

You nearly touched my face, but then you just waved in an absolutely unsure and absolute gesture - your gaze a loaded gun pointed at me.

This was the moment.

[A Do-or-die-decision. A dead man's switch in your hand, our hearts the hostages of this fatal crime.]

B o o m.

'Never', I thought, 'Never am I going to forget this sound. I'm going to rewind this scene so often, till it's tattooed in to my efferent nerve fabrics, till I had to skin me with my own teeth to get rid of this memory.'

The sound of a bullet, which damaged my vascular system, missed my heart and brought me down to tears.

You waited one second too long to deliver this final blow.

While I struggled to get in to the train, grasping on to the hole in my body, you walked away, like it was your plan all along.

[Nowadays I figured out, that it was indeed ..  your plan all along.]
Time machine
This is the sequel to Knocking Shop (Act One.) But it's a sequel I haven't thought of for quite a while now. Getting rid of stuff and emotions, I figured it would be a good idea to end this story as well. Hey, the world awaits me, there isn't any time I could afford to spend in the past. It's time.
Street lamps were glinting unsure about their brightness and my need for their light. The concrete was dark and so were the shadows over the face of this woman.

"Don't come any closer.", my breath smelled like booze, bad intentions and an empty purse.

(Full of dust and smoke.)

She stepped inside my range and I couldn't see the look on her face. Tough I saw her small lips, her white teeth exposed and her throat slightly covered by a jacket collar.

Maybe I was afraid. That she would trigger something that couldn't be undone.

- Maybe I couldn't cope with anyone but you.

"I am not all softness." The nerves inside my mouth shivered.

"And what If I favour your edges?"

Us being here is not an accident. It’s a well-planned car crash. Ignoring all the consequences to take and all the things I had to bear.

Her smile was as sharp as a scalpel and as brutal as a butcher knife. It managed to cut through my apotropaic words, through my halted breath and into the savage needs of my body.

Deep down where a growling thunder rolled against my sanity.

[My sanity didn't stand a chance.]
Of monsters and closets

A few things I came to like in these past few months
- the world smallest hips
- the taste of cheap booze
- the new feelings I’ve got to discover (Like making bad decisions after midnight and having sex with a girl I barely knew.)

The thing with the edges and the softness.. I'm pretty sure I've heard it before. I'm not sure where or when or maybe it was in one of my dreams? I know, that there was this girl and I told her to not come any closer and she laughed. And then she stepped inside my range and.. now it's a different girl. This story isn't as good as I wanted it to be, but it'll do for now. And dealing with people might be my kind of pornography. And now it's late and I'm longing for long, hard good-bye-forever-kisses.

Flash Fact: All known antidots for cyankali are poisonous themselves.



Megilar's Profile Picture
Alexis Devian
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I’m Alec.

I’m somebody who is born with an anomaly. I have ink in my veins and on my skin. I spit, bleed, puke and piss Ink. If Ink would be my fuel, then words would definitely be the oil to keep this whole machinery of gear wheels in motion. They’re keeping me alive.

I love tea, books and good conversations.

My stories often rotate about ghosts by daylight, unexpected gatherings and memories which aren't so distant by looking closer at them. Train-stations and all about them, Cafés and bars, small flats and fascinating houses.. these spots are my zero points.

Raise your teacup.
  • Mood: Thanks
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Hey there dear watchers and passing guests.

Jep, this is my first journal-entry in ages and some important things changed. I'm back to Vienna, I'm member of the :icontheteapartysociety: and I'm more eager then ever to be an artist. Recently I made some stickers (In fact.. many Stickers.) Teacups, Teacans, Teabags, Keys and Cupcakes. The Stickers have a very high quality and are sealed with Belton Molotow Clear Coat.

Now here's my point. I want to spread this stickers all over the world, so I ask people who might like my stickers, then I'll send them to their adresses and all I wish for is happiness and maybe two or three photos so I can see where my stickers are. You can use them for whatever you want, but I would be really glad if you place them on spots where many people can see them.


What do I need?

-Your adress. (Jep, that's a bad point, but I swear I'm not a psycho and I just use your adress to send you these stickers.)
-Maybe some photos afterwards.

What do you get?
-One envelope with a ten or twenty  set full of different stickers. (If you want cupcakes more then Teacups, just let me know..)

There are absolutly no costs from your side, but If you have any questions, just feel free to ask.

Raise your teacup,

Alexis Devian

P.s.: I'll try to upload some photos for you ^^


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"Well, this is the craziest tea party I've ever been to!"

With this donate-points-thing I would like to get as many points as possible to support newcomers who deserve every help. Every noble donor that gives me an amount higher then 5 of this lovely, yellow points, can wish for something for me to write. And every other gracious giver get's a llama. :writersblock:


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